This application enables users to find out and plan their schedules based on real time bus transit information. The application is based on android platform and works for versions greater than 2.3.

CUTransit by psychoDevelopers

Broad features of the Application: 

  • Locate yourself and your nearby locations in a nice graphical map which also has a feature of selecting your nearby location in an intuitive manner
  • Real time movement of the bus. It is possible to view where your desired bus is in almost real time on a Google map
  • Text boxes are auto-complete enabled so that users need not enter complete stop/intersection name
  • There is a facility for the user to bookmark his "favorite" stops


Functioning of the Application: 
  • The application broadly has 2 tabs namely "Find Me" and "Schedule".
  • On launching the application, the user is presented with the "Find Me" tab which contains a map with his present location marked in green and his nearby 3-4 locations marked in red
  • The user can then click on the red markers to know the list of buses that are about to arrive at that selected stop. From the list of the buses displayed the user can then select the bus of his choice and view its current (real time) location on a Google map. However, currently this feature is not at its best due to the limit of the number of webservice calls we can request per hour per an api key and also due to time constraints. On popular demand we would be glad to polish it

  • The schedule tab of the application helps user to find out some general information about the buses by specifying the start and stop locations. The text boxes are auto-complete enabled so that users need not enter complete intersection name. In this tab the user has a neat and intuitive way to bookmark his favorite tabs . 
  • The user also has an option of swapping the "start" and "stop" locations

  Download Here!