S. Zhao, F. Chevalier, W.T. Ooi, C.Y.Lee and A. Agarwal, AutoComPaste: Auto-Completing Text as an 
Alternate to Copy-Paste AVI'12: Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, May 2012 (In Press)
Arpit Agarwal, Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Varun Pandey, Riya Charaya
Title: "An Optimal Human Adaptive Algorithm to find action-reaction word pairs" 
14th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction 2011, Florida, USA


Provisional Patent: "Virtual Air Guitar", registration no. 3139/Dec/2010

Provisional Patent: "Thought Processor", registration no. 3140/Dec/2010

Provisional Patent: "Preoccupo Consulo Lubricus", registration no. 3141/Dec/2010

Arpit Agarwal, 
Ameya Zambre, Divya Jangid, Atanendu Sekhar Mandal
Modeling the simple and complex cells in visual cortex area 1 and 2 (v1, v2) for Form detection.
Presented in Medical Imaging - Perspectives on Perception & Diagnostics an International Symposium held in conjunction with Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing - 2010.

Arpit Agarwal, Shashank Sahu, Vishwa Parekh
Emotion Analysis.
Presented in a 4 day International Paper Presentation Competition, APOGEE - 2010 held at BITS, Pilani. 

Arpit Agarwal
Presented in a Consortium - 2008, first level of International Paper Presentation Contest, organized by IET, UK held at BITS, Pilani.