A Self Initiated Project

(a)                             (b)                             (c)
Figure: (a) username & password entering fields, user does a "swipe up" on the keyboard
(b) User does a signature, using the entire touch screen
(c) Authenticated to login, into the application

Entering Login Credentials on touch interfaces has long awaited a turnaround. The tradeoff lies between long and secure-passwords as opposed to a more intuitive, context aware authentication system. As we increase our reliance on mobile devices like iPhones, droids, and tablets, there is an immediate need for increasing for identity verification. Handwritten signatures have been long used and are still regarded as the most reliable form of identification and identity verification. In this paper, we analyze different sensors for ubiquitous authentication techniques and also propose a new authentication system, SigEntry. We describe its intuitive UI and the implementation challenges that we encountered. We also present relevant results from a user study in support of our proposal.

This project won the Facebook Hackathon at UIUC in September-2011. 

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