Virtual Air Guitar

posted Dec 21, 2010, 11:25 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 1, 2013, 9:55 PM by Arpit ]
Self Initiated Project. 

This project was awarded the Silver Medal in Apogee'10 - The Annual International Technical Festival of BITS Pilani, India. 

Virtual Air Guitar is a System on a Chip, which replaces the guitar by "hand gloves" and an electronic circuit where signals are send to electro-acoustic transducers to produce sounds. Here movements of fingers in the air produce the same sound as a guitar. 

The design of the Virtual Air Guitar (VAG) is shown below, as a schematic diagram. 

Right Hand (Top & Bottom)                               Left hand (Top & Bottom)

The boxes denote the position of the circuit boards. The mechanical system which determines the fret positioning is shown below in the diagram - 

Mechanical System Joining both the hands
B & C w.r.t. the palm of the left and the right hand.

This concept can readily be used for playing other instruments also. The device developed is just a prototype or a concept implementation. 

The movement of fingers on the "Left Hand" contribute to the choice of notes (or chords). 
Whereas the movement of fingers on the "Right Hand" is used to choose the string. At the same time, the choice of "Frets" is determined by the distance between the two hands (As we have it in a Real Guitar). 

In order to determine the "Strumming Pattern", an Accelerometer is interfaced on the Right Hand, which maps the acceleration values to the Amplitude of sound waves, produced by the transducers. 
Also, the swiftness with which the Right Hand moves, determines the Frequency of the sound produced. 
The sensors used for the experiment are, 
  • LDR's (Light Dependent Resistors), on the fingers. Used for the choice of strings, to be plucked.
  • Accelerometers, for determining the strumming pattern and the Amplitude of sound produced.
  • Wheel-Pulley assembly, which tells the distance between the hands, to determine the Fret chosen, for the chords. 
This same concept is easily transferable and can be applied to any musical instrument which can be played virtually and in the air, with mere hand movements.